All about Backpacking & Community

(Sep 2022 - Present)

Sayantika looking at the valleys and mountains of Himalayas
  • Streamlining the data world and translating to the community, using simple workflows and tutorials.

  • Trekking in the Himalayas (I have developed a deeper appreciation for sustainability)

Data Engineer - Quansight
(Sep 2021 - Sep 2022)

  • Contributing to open source (NumPy and SciPy)

  • Developing data pipelines, testing and documenting

  • Developing rapid dashboarding prototype using Panel & holoviz toolkit

  • Contributed to next-gen CLI for SciPy (Implementation details)

Data Engineer - Twilio

(Feb 2021 - August 2021)

  • Worked on (RSBI migration) decommissioning redshift and migrating to presto and implementing regionalisation.

  • Developed Apache Hudi POC to migrate existing source systems

  • Worked on the design to implement Regionalisation for data, adhering to data privacy policy

Backend Engineer - Continual Engine
(Aug 2019 - Dec 2020)

Developed Backend solutions for online learning platform (myAthina.com) B2B & B2C and Education from scratch.

myAthina this year won the prestigious 2020 Brandon Hall Group "Excellence in Technology" Bronze Award for the category ‘Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses’.

  • Worked on In-built gamification to foster learning and healthy competition and to drive engagement.

  • Developed end to end features like Dashboards featuring skill map for any given organization and delivering insights.

  • Developed course management pipeline, allowing instructors to dynamically create, customize, and organize course catalogs.

  • Built hosting and rendering solutions for multimedia with Django REST Architecture

  • Created an automated pipeline for database maintenance

  • Developed custom assessment/assignments and grading systems.

  • Developed optimizations techniques and tools

  • Worked with third-party APIs and its integration with Django Rest Framework (Eg - Vimeo, Anti-Plagiarism tools, SendGrid)